SanskritaPradipika (SaṁskṛtaPradīpikā)

A Sanskrit language e-tutor for English-speaking people

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To obtain your copy of the Pradipika, please click where indicated*.You will be prompted to create a DropBox® account, but please know that you do not have to do this. (A mouse-click clears the prompt.) You may now proceed to download and install the Pradipika on your computer's disk drive.

System Requirements: Any IBM® or compatible PC, running any version of Windows®.

Download and install the Pradipika, visit its Contents page, read the Introduction and browse through some of its other Chapters: on the Vowels; the Consonants; the Compound Consonants; on WordBuilding; or on the Declensions of the Nouns and Pronouns, etc.

तेजस्वि भवतः / भवत्याः अधीतमस्तु !

tejasvi bhavataḥ / bhavatyāḥ adhītamastu !

May your studies be intense, bright, radiant, powerful!